Melleefresh / Funkytown

Funkytown (Original Mix) / Dance / EDM & House Music vocalist/producer who has collab'd with deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Gettoblasters, Alixander III, Spekr Freks & Boy Pussy, among others.


Original Mix
Artists: Melleefresh, Hotknife, Pinkee Skylark
Genre: Dance

Melleefresh and Hotknife are joined by newcomer Pinkee Skylark on this cover version of Lipps Inc's disco standard, Funkytown.

Clocked up to 135bpm and given a fresh electro pop makeover, this is Funkytown for the 21st Century. "The original is so vintage and timeless and I thought our take on it was wild," admits vocalist Pinkee Skylark, who makes her label debut on this release.

Funkytown is that rarest of rarities - a one-hit wonder that just keeps on hitting.

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