Melleefresh / Progressive House Music

Progressive House Music / EDM & House Music vocalist/producer who has collab'd with deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Gettoblasters, Alixander III, Spekr Freks & Boy Pussy, among others.

Progressive House Music

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Afterhours Redux (Original Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh
Melleefresh returns to her roots with this cover of After Hours, the track for which she and deadmau5 were nominated for a Juno Award in 2008 for Best Dance Recording.
Peekaboo (Digital Suspects Remix)
Artists: Jay Frog, Melleefresh
Mixers: Digital Suspects
Addicted (Defibrillator Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, LEWO
Mixers: Defibrillator
Let's Get Dirty (Sick Individuals Mix)
Artists: Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh
Let's Get Dirty (Crazibiza Vocal Mix)
Artists: Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh
Mixers: Crazibiza
Hey Baby (Starkillers & Dmitry KO Club Remix)
Artists: Melleefresh, deadmau5
Mixers: Starkillers, Dmitry KO
Surrender (Original Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, NHB
Surrender (Instrumental Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, NHB
Intuition (Original Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh
Intuition (Muzzaik Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh
Mixers: Muzzaik
Sleazee (Soundsex Sloppy Seconds Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, Decoding Jesus, David Christopher, Keoki
Mixers: SoundSex
Sex Slave (Make Me Make That Sound Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, deadmau5
Sex Slave (Danny Jay & Paul Fiasko Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, deadmau5
Mixers: Danny Jay, Paul Fiasko
Sex Slave (Jesse Voorn Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh
Mixers: Jesse Voorn
Sex Slave (Ok Sure Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh
Mixers: Ok Sure
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