Melleefresh / LateNite Show

LateNite Show (Acapella) / DJ Tools / EDM & House Music vocalist/producer who has collab'd with deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Gettoblasters, Alixander III, Spekr Freks & Boy Pussy, among others.

LateNite Show

Artists: Melleefresh, Crossfingers
Genre: DJ Tools

Just the vocal tracks, ma'am! Juno-nominated Hot n' Dirteee Electro House vocalist/producer/writer Melleefresh meets Grammy-nominated Italian dynamic dj duo/producers extrordinaire Crossfingers. The magic of a stacatto disco groovin' beat, non-stop demanding strong superbitch voice of Ms Fresh starts yer body undulating, the bass makes yer heart pound faster, and all you want is to Scream Out....'Give me more' H.E.D HouseElectroDance

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