Melleefresh / Collaborations with Hotknife

Collaborations with Hotknife / EDM & House Music vocalist/producer who has collab'd with deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Gettoblasters, Alixander III, Spekr Freks & Boy Pussy, among others.

Collaborations with Hotknife

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Funkytown (Original Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, Hotknife, Pinkee Skylark
Melleefresh and Hotknife are joined by newcomer Pinkee Skylark on this cover version of Lipps Inc's disco standard, Funkytown.
Studio 54 (Original Mix)
Artists: Melleefresh, Hotknife
Melleefresh looks back at her Studio 54 daze with funk/disco house producer Hotknife